Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I am a bit Philosophical today

life is a celebration,
where each temptation,
needs realization,
society is a villian that holds us for ransom with machination,
against our will it does this subjugation,
but do not look at it with terpidation,
for it can neither control our destiny nor our imagination.

Sometimes I wonder what I to do with this gift of life that I have got, do good to somebody else? just live it out? become a hermit and get to know the secrects of life?
Whatever it may be I crave to find a meaning for my life, a destiny to work towards.
Life really is a mystery!

some people do one thing all their life, others do all things in one life. I always wanted to be in the second category, to be a jack-of-all-trades rather than a specialist. It could also be the reason that I could never decide upon one single thing as my destiny....


Blogger Pengal said...

You could use the Spell check features available all over

Terpidation : Trepidation


9:20 AM  

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